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Every girl likes to play a little dress up, and I’m no exception.  Today, I am Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile and lover to a certain hot Roman.  Watch as our hands curl over each other.  We play some naughty little games, though they are the same ones people have been playing since the beginning of time.  I’m sure Cleopatra got her some hot, sexy loving from her Roman lover under a hot Egyptian sky.  We just get to play pretend, but I’m queen today.  If you want to see just how royalty gets down, go to Kristina Fey and check out the rest of these pics.

Never Been Kissed

Don’t I just look sweet and innocent, like I’ve never been kissed.  You’d be surprised what a sweet girl I can be, but I’m really not very innocent at all.  Don’t let those hair bows and convincing face fool you.  I can get much more naughty than you might expect, and I know you want to see just what a sexy little girl I can be.  I got some fun photos in my pink and white pajamas, and I posted a few pictures here in my blog.  If you want to check out the rest of the pictures from my slumber party, go to Kristina Fey and enjoy the show guys.

Office Minx

I love playing the sexy secretary.  Who needs letters dictated when you can have your dick tasted, right?  Imagine coming into your office and seeing me naked, crawling around on your desk, and ready to play.  You’d cancel your meetings right?  Even better, imagine seeing clients with me under your desk working you over with your clients none the wiser.  Could you keep your composure while this naughty little minx took you in her mouth?  See the rest of my sexy secretary set on Kristina Fey.

Wild Animal

Leopard print always seems to bring out my inner animal.  I can be playful, fierce, sweet, and sassy.  I can also be intensely passionate when I’m all fours having a cock shoved into me.  Like I said, animal prints rock.  Watch me let out my inner feline in these awesome new photos.  I have tons of sexy fun peeling off my lingerie, and then letting my instincts take over.  There are a few teaser images here, but if you want to see my kitty, you’ll need to go to Kristina Fey.

Red Tile

I love the red tile in this shoot!  I think it stands out very pretty behind me, and the bathroom is always a good place to be naked.  I knew you guys would like it too, so I put a few pictures up.  The rest are over at Kristina Fey if you want to see them.

Punk in Pink

I loved this pink rocker chick outfit I saw while I was out shopping.  It was so cute, I had to get pictures for you.  Don’t you love the sexy little poses I do.  I thought it was a cool, punk cheerleader look.  You know those punk girls are so easy, lol.  See the rest of these at Kristina Fey if you want to know how wild I get.